Our Value Based Trend Management® (VBTM®) system uses both fundamental and technical data to analyze individual holdings and entire portfolios. The “Trend Management” portion of our system is the second phase of our multi-factor quantitative methodology featuring totally mechanical techniques that eliminate subjectivity in both buying and selling decisions. Our techniques and indicators are not intended to forecast or predict market prices; they are structured to simply identify the underlying trend profit from it. The alternative to this method is trying to predict future market direction, which is a trap that nearly all investors make. Attempting to anticipate market movements is difficult and almost always leads to losses more often than profits. For this reason, we believe our quantitative VBTM® trading methodology is far superior to any trading system being implemented today.

The proprietary indicators that we employ are some of the most innovative and successful in the business. One of our most recognized indicators is our Short Term Overbought-Oversold Indicator (STOI), which has earned recent acclaim throughout the industry due to its accuracy and overall simplicity. The STOI is a weekly signal that identifies short term imbalances between a stock market index’s price and the underlying trends of its components. Invariably these imbalances in price and trend rectify themselves, often in a volatile and sometimes explosive fashion. As a result of this volatility, the STOI provides for numerous profitable investing opportunities.

In summary, whether your investment policy statement requires: Long Only, Long Short, or a Multi Strategy Blend; we can structure a customized product adapted specifically for you. To learn more about a particular service, contact us through email: