Our Value Based Trend Management® (VBTM®) system uses both fundamental and technical data to analyze individual holdings and entire portfolios. The “Value Based” portion of our system is the first phase of our multi-factor quantitative methodology featuring company-specific fundamental research and analysis over the entire stock universe. With an adherence to risk control, we base a large part of our analysis upon the review of potential earnings by our initial investment time horizon (our modified PEG ratio).

Our niche is in the need for thorough research projects completed outside of Wall Street's investment banking and retail agendas. We have reviewed numerous research reports from several of the top research firms, and we are confident that no firm compares to our standards of research excellence. We protect the value of our research and avoid dilution by limiting access to our most desirable services, so our clients can be assured they are getting accurate and actionable opinions.

Illuminant Capital has always provided unbiased and uncontaminated information, and we have never received corporate financing or trading income from the companies we cover. Our services can be contracted on a per project basis or bundled into a multi-service retainer. The services we provide for our clients are on a highly confidential and non-distributed basis. Every aspect of our client relationships is kept strictly private. Integrity and ethical behavior are an essential part of our business strategy. To learn more about a specific service, contact us through email: